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A collage of client logos and talent photos. The first collage of client logos and talent photos. The second collage of client logos and talent photos.
Media & Entertainment

Voices is the nimble collaborator Demo Duck counts on for hundreds of projects each year.

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Atomic Productions
Media & Entertainment

Voices helps Atomic Productions source foreign language voice over talent.

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Imagine Neighborhood logo

Committee to Children uses to cast a scripted podcast for children.

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Client: David Studio alt text: A man grabs a Coca-Cola bottle from a bucket full of ice.

David Studio Columbia saves time by finding their international voices on

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A middle aged man points at a computer screen while a young woman watches, as they stand on a news room recording set.
Media & Entertainment organized a live recording session for NBC10 Philadelphia to get the sound they needed.

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A row of cylindar packages with fruit and “Thrive Life” logo on the label.

Atomic City saves time by working with the Professional Services team.

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Two Rotary International workers standing in the foreground, with a father holding his child looking at the camera from behind them.

Sourcing top quality international talent is easy for South Africa-based Rooftop.

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An Original Grain watch, with wooden accents, diplayed on a counter with a pint of beer in the bathroom.

Finding Original Grain’s brand voice through was like clockwork.

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Employees talking and working in a hiking company’s office. The back wall has a coat, scissors, tapes, photos of hikers, and other items hanging on it.

Monster found the most efficient and affordable way to find the right voice for their projects.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“I stopped using ‘talent agencies’ to find talent. The process was slow and clunky, especially for fast turnaround projects. If a talent contacts me I refer them to I don’t have the time or resources to keep individual talent demos and profiles. If they are not with, then I don’t use them.”

Michael Schrengohst, izonemedia

“As a media producer I found was by far the most professional, knowledgeable and clearly my best bang for the buck and will certainly do business with them again.”

Joe Rollins, Kesher Media

“Knowing we had the right voice allowed us creative freedom to take chances and go further with our creative concepts.”

Brendan Conway, Promotions Producer, NBC10 Philadelphia

“While there may be some people at Shopify who [have a great voice], my team works on tight deadlines and we didn’t want to have to do a full sound recording setup just to get a few voices.”

Daniel Beauchamp, Head of Virtual Reality at Shopify

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